Optikon was created in 1966 for the sole purpose of developing new ophthalmological technology with the highest quality and accuracy so that eye professionals have the tools to optimize their patients’ eyesight.

Today Optikon has more than 100 employees and a well-established manufacturing capability, but our approach has not changed: every day we provide answers for clinical and surgical problems.

Our innovations are the unique foundation of our company.

We consider every request as a challenge for us to create a new solution.

& Development

Optikon boasts more then 40 years of R & D experience meeting ophthalmologists' needs, with the latest in technology and engineering skills.

The design and development of our innovative and competitive equipment represents the critical factor from which all of Optikon’s technological successes have stemmed.

Research & Development


The Optikon production system has a well-established reputation for turning out superior equipment with superior price performance, a capacity furnished by our investment in the most innovative and advanced manufacturing technologies.

In addition, we identify the most qualified suppliers of materials, high-tech components, and logistical services.


Optikon is a ISO13485 and CE certified company.
The Optikon Quality Assurance department updates its procedures and reviews its processes, from product design through after-sale support to ensure their compliance with the highest quality standards.
The result is a higher degree of customer protection.

Quality Assurance
Customer Service


When you buy Optikon equipment your purchase includes Optikon after-sale service, your access to a quality support system. The Optikon call center insures continuous support by phone, e-mail or fax. Both product specialists and an extensive network of qualified service technicians are always available to help you solve any problems, enabling you to enjoy superior performance from your Optikon equipment.

& Marketing

Sales & Marketing

The Optikon sales force is dedicated to understanding customers' needs.

Optikon maintains a presence at all major national and international events and exhibitions, where Optikon Project Managers are available to advise customers on the latest technology and to listen to their requests and suggestions.

The extensive distribution of our sales force makes possible customer feedback used to update our product line.

Organizational Model 231

Ethics Code

Optikon 2000 has adapted its organisation to the requirements of Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, preparing an Organisation, Management and Control Model which defines internal and external lines of conduct for the Company.

Respect for the aforementioned instrument is intended to protect the Company, all its stakeholders and the entire community, asserting ethical values in which Optikon firmly believes.

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