The tradition of Keratron™ topographers continues. Unique for the accuracy in the representation of local curvatures, calculated using the “Arc-Step” method.

Keratron™ has been the Corneal Topography standard of excellence for over 20 years for its characteristics of precision, high repeatability and ability to highlight the smallest details.

Main Functions:
-Wide coverage corneal topography and fast acquisition
-Corneal aberrometry
-Non-invasive break-up time

The new Keratron™, with colour touch screen display, adds the possibility of process the main maps on the device itself.

Its bivalent cone meets the needs of wide corneal coverage and a more rapid topographic examination.

The wide corneal coverage is of extreme importance for the analysis of the transition areas in refractive surgery, for the correct simulation of contact lenses and for diagnosis of peripheral changes.

The measuring cone, combined with the other proprietary algorithms, allows the measurement of the curvatures and altimeters of each point of the cornea with precision in the order of micron or less, improving the process of making refractive surgery treatments and custom LAC.

The exclusive EPCS (Eye Position Control System) guarantees the acquisition of correct measurements, automatically compensating for potential decentralization and allowing an effective repeatability.

The large colour screen allows the immediate visualization of topographic maps, pupillometry in visible and infrared light, Sim-K and E-values.

Data transfer is fast and direct to an external PC for archiving and processing.