Keratron Scout

Keratron™ Scout: : precise, accurate, modular, portable

This corneal topographer is aimed at those users who want a compact and portable instrument.

Main Functions:
- Wide coverage corneal topography
- Corneal aberrometry
- Pupillometry
- Non-invasive break-up time

Thanks to the completeness of options, this topographer can adapt to the different needs of the user.

Its small size allows maximum compatibility on any slit lamp.

The instrument becomes portable, inserting a special power supply module at the base and, thanks to the headrest device and the repeatability control, it allows easy acquisition and maximum reliability measurements.

The self-balancing intraoperative arm allows easy alignment to the supine patient's eye thanks to the degrees of freedom of movement allowed by the system and a certain immediacy of use thanks to the commands on the display and to functions such as "Move Axis".

The Keratron ™ Scout, thanks to its integrated display, allows full control during the image acquisition process and a quick transfer of the same to a PC.