R-Evo smart®

Smart Technology Smart Investment.

Synthesis of innovative technologies, functionality and reliability.

R-Evo smart® is a compact platform for cataract and retina surgery that combines outstanding performance with innovative features.

R-Evo smart® stands out for its ease of use, a complete and intuitive graphical interface, a new generation touch-screen and a super simple set-up, keeping a watchful eye on operating costs.

Available in three models.

Its Predictive Fluidics, based on the Dual Advanced Infusion System, the Dynamic IOP Control System and two high-efficiency pumps (peristaltic and Venturi) keeps surgical procedures moving smoothly and consistently, ensuring maximum chamber stability for an optimal patient safety.

IOP 20 mmHg – VACUUM 200 mmHg

The chart shows IOP fluctuations under active aspiration without a IOP control system

IOP 20 mmHg – VACUUM 200 mmHg

The chart shows a constant IOP value, even under active aspiration, with the Dynamic IOP Control System

Reference: Data on file, Optikon

R-Evo smart® implements the patented Minimal Stress Technology, the only system on the market that measures the actual tip movement during surgery and minimizes the energy delivered to the eye for a safer and more efficient surgery and faster patient rehabilitation.

R-Evo smart® CR achieves a cutting speed of 10,000 cuts/min thanks to the Twedge™ Technology that guarantees maximum and constant flow at any cutting rate and no fluctuations even close to the retina, allowing surgery to be safer and reduction in the duration of surgery.

The LED Lighting System is an additional technology that increases the performance of R-Evo smart® CR.
Two independent, high efficiency LED light sources, free of harmful UV and IR emissions, allow surgeons with perfect tissue visualization.

R-Evo smart® is equipped with an highly advanced and programmable Dual Linear Footpedal, designed for complete control, flexibility and comfort. It offers a wide range of customization, precise performance and the highest level of safety.

Simultaneous linear control of two different system functions with smooth up-and-down and simple left-to-right movements.