Pulsar2 Minimal Stress

Modular unit for ophthalmic surgery

Compact, safe and versatile, Pulsar 2 is an excellent solution among modular surgery workstations.

Pulsar2 fluidics is based on a Double Pump System (peristaltic and Venturi) managed by a unique reusable or disposable I/A tubing set, according to the user needs. The user can select the type of pump most suited to his needs at any stage of surgery.

Pulsar2 is equipped with the patented Minimal Stress technology that, in addition to controlling in real time the elongation of the tip, optimizes to the minimum possible level the amount of energy emitted during the surgery of cataract extraction improving its quality and ensuring the highest degree of safety for the patient.

Pulsar2 uses a touch-screen with a wide viewing angle. The simple and intuitive graphics allows to manage the entire surgery in all its phases and to create and save customized programs.

The Pulsar2 software can be updated quickly and easily via USB.

The main unit is equipped with the following basic functions:

Using the VIT module, the following functions are added:

The user can control the device in all its functions by means of a Double Linear Pedal programmable via software.