Janus is a portable unit for ultrasound biometry and pachymetry which allows to obtain extremely precise measurements of the axial length, thickness of the lens, anterior chamber depth and corneal thickness.

Janus is a very compact device that can be connected to any PC equipped with a USB port and Microsoft Windows operating system of customer's choice between XP, Vista, 7, 8.

The advanced software, constantly evolving, ensures excellent ease of use and a remarkable precision in the calculations.

Janus comes in a valuable and compact case in which the accessories and the two probes for biometry and pachymetry are set.

The software ensures distinct measurements for pseudophakic eyes in relation to different type of lenses. Specific algorithms allow you to take measurements on aphakic eyes with cataract and silicone oil. The accuracy in the determination of IOL is supported by the possibility to select and manually review the acquired measurements.
Pachymetry maps may be customized allowing you to analyze specific areas for the study of keratoconus.

The use of heuristic formulas for the acceptance of measurements ensures maximum reliability and ease of use. The adoption of the most advanced formulas for the calculation of IOL provides accurate results even in case of highly myopic or treated with refractive surgery eyes.
Pachymetry provides the delta IOP which could be used for the correction of the pressure value obtained by the Goldman tonometer.